Route d’Avignon 13150 Tarascon
Tél. : +33 (0)4 90 90 78 77
From the South (Montpellier):

  • Take A9 highway direction PARIS
  • Take exit NÎMES EST #24
  • Follow direction BEAUCAIRE – TARASCON
  • Drive through downtown BEAUCAIRE, follow direction TARASCON
  • Just after the bridge over the RHONE river, turn left direction CHATEAU DE TARASCON
  • Drive through TARASCON, follow direction AVIGNON
  • On the D970, pass supermarkets “SIMPLY MARKET” and “LIDL” and about 5km away, the MAS D’ARVIEUX is on your right
  • GPS coordinates: 43.832800, 4.722657
From the North (LYON, PARIS, …):

  • Take A7 highway direction MARSEILLE
  • Take exit AVIGNON SUD #24
  • Follow direction CHATEAURENARD (stay on D28 until GRAVESON)
  • Drive through downtown CHATEAURENARD, follow direction TARASCON (do NOT follow direction AVIGNON)
  • Drive by GRAVESON and take direction TARASCON
  • On the D970, pass the factory “CONSERVES FRANCE – ST MAMET – BARBIER DAUPHIN,” and about 2km away, the MAS D’ARVIEUX is on your left
  • GPS coordinates: 43.832800, 4.722657